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Tui Street Legends

Tui Street Legends

Anne Kayes
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The Tūī Street kids are studying legends at school. After learning about the Loch Ness monster, an unusual light begins to glow through the hole in the hedge in Ella’s back yard. When they discuss Robin Hood at school, Tim discovers that the walls of a nearby house are covered with bows and arrows. Strangest of all, Harry and Gemma’s stepmother, Lula, begs them to help her find something she has lost. If they do, she promises to disappear from their lives forever. Can they trust her, or could she be leading them into danger?

New Zealand author, Anne Kayes’ book Tūī Street Tales won the 2016 Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon Award. Tūī Street Heroes was a 2020 Storylines Notable Book and a 2022 Whitcoulls Top 50 children’s book.

Age recommended for 8-12 years.


Size: H198mm X W129mm

Pages: 248

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